I'm scared to try memory flipping by myself, what can I do?

We got you! Reach out to any of our Admins in the Facebook group and ask for a coaching session. Alternatively, you can always ask us any question by writing to support@peterszabo.co

Recalling a memory = hypnotic trance

It's over, it no longer exists... yet it feels real (hypnotic trance).
If you go back to the big ones, you may feel triggered. That's totally normal.
Therefore, start with the easier ones.
Work your way up to the big ones.
Reach out for help if need be.
(student exchange / professionals)
Students -- at least 10 memories each in order to do an exchange.
Professionals -- you can look up EFT / FasterEFT practitioners who can help you. Keep in mind, this is quite costly and I'm not affiliated with either in any way, shape or form.
It's best to practice yourself on the small stuff first, work your way up to the bigger challenges and if you keep running into roadblocks no matter what, you may want to consider getting help. If you're unsure where to start, drop a message in the group and we'll help you out.
The key to all this = persistence.

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