How to I establish my rituals and routines?

Rituals and routines are the KEY to turning knowledge into wisdom (potential power into actual power that changes your life).

What creates real, lasting results is simply making the right decisions (and taking the right actions) consistently, over a long period of time and avoiding the bad, stupid ones.
A routine is simply made up of two or more rituals.
Start simple, then add complexity.
Remember, complexity is the enemy of execution... and daily, consistent execution is the key for consistent results.
1. Morning routine > set yourself up for success, get into the right state
S - set points
M - meditation
A - add-ons
R - review
T - train
Or check out Hal Elrod's S.A.V.E.R.S.
2. Night routine > track, wind down, prepare for deep, rejuvenating sleep
B - blue blocker glasses
B - bach essences
B - blackout room

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