Money Miracle Process Pro Tips

Q > QCF process / gratitude stack / AIR process

M > any of above / set aside 30-60m to change memories related to $

P > IGAs / become more valuable / ask for your worth / side passive income
Pro Tips:
1. Go for the next milestone, not the ultimate end goal <-- more realistic, less resistance, easier to make it vivid/feel real, plus it's pointless to get the end goal as that won't make you happy, the journey and progress does.
2. The memories you work on may or may NOT be money related at all <-- you're addressing the underlying feeling that's causing the problem (scarcity, fear of things being taken away, etc.). Especially address your childhood + heritage.
3. "Synchronicities" may occur, but that's God's/the Universes job. Your job is to take action on all 3 layers of reality and not just sit around. You must change for the inner/outer results to change. Period.

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