How do I create the perfect day formula?

The ultimate measure of life is how much you love it. Period.

All else is non-sense. Anything, any achievement of a goal or personal development is merely a means to an end; and that end is a life I love and helping others create a life they love too.
A life you love is composed of years > months > weeks > days
So if you really want a great life, start by having great days and those are made up building blocks:
Perfect day formula
Morning routine > sets you up for success, puts in an elevated mood, "me time"
Work > work on important stuff, IGAs, delegate the rest
Adventure > do something fun, sightsee, do an airbnb experience, whatever it is
Chill > go home and relax, read a book, play video games
Night routine > read, journal, prepare for deep rejuvenating sleep
*Of course not every day will follow this exact pattern, so feel free to mix it up, have purely work / adventure / chill days but be sure to ALWAYS include the morning and night routines as those are non-negotiable.

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