How do I do SEO optimization for cheap to rank higher on Google?

SEO stands for 'search engine optimization'.

Once your website(s) is live, you may want to invest small amount into ranking your website higher in the search engine. Meaning, when potential customers search a term like "source hacker system review" your site will show up higher - ideally on page 1 of the search results - so that they choose your article to read, thus winning the commission.

This is completely optional, however it's recommended if you wish to rank higher in Google and to increase the chances of people buying through your link vs. someone elses. It's a tiny investment that can pay dividends and a substantial ROI (return on investment) over time. Keep in mind, SEO takes time, even months to work - so this is definitely not an 'overnight success' strategy. If you wish to receive commissions even sooner, consider recommending the program to your friends & family through your affiliate link if you genuinely had a good experience.

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