Technical bugs / videos not playing

We understand technology may sometimes be frustrating to use and that is why are here to help! 

If you are running into any technical problems what so ever, here are quick steps to help you out.

  1. To login to our platform, visit and click Members Area.
  2. If you forgot your password, simply click the "Forgot Password" link in the Login page.
  3. If you forgot your email or you cannot login for whatever reason, just contact us (see below).
    1. If you purchased our training using a credit card, let us know the last 4 digits and full name so we can find your invoice.
    2. If you purchased our training using PayPal, simply visit your Activity history in PayPal, open the payment and let us know your Transaction ID.
  4. Advanced: If you are using any browser extensions (see all the icons in the image below), try disabling them or open our portal in an incognito window. 
  5. If the videos are not playing, please try using a desktop computer. Try using a different Internet browser application such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge. If you are unable to view the videos on neither applications, please contact us. 

If your issue is still not resolved, simply email us by clicking on Contact Us in the bottom or in the top right navigation menu.

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