How do I get unstuck on what to write on my life map?

If you're stuck at this part, don't worry - we're been there too and we know you can move past that with a little bit of effort and work. It will pay off for you and your life massively!
Here's some tips:
  • A great indicator when discovering your purpose is to look towards your likes and hobbies.
  • What are your hobbies, what brightens your day and turns you on?
  • What can you keep doing for hours on end?
  • Look into your childhood: What games did you enjoy playing, what were the reoccurring themes in these games?

Our likes and hobbies are all linked to our greater life purpose, if you are still finding it difficult to figure out. Sit in a quiet place, place your hands over your heart and ask yourself gently "What truly makes me happy?" Sometimes an answer may pop up immediately. Sometimes you may have to ask a few more times, but keep at it and you'll see results that pay off.

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