How can I improve my visualization process?

Here's some tips for  better visualization:

  1. Script out or write a short story of how you would like the area of your life which you are visualizing would be like, and then read it before going into visualization.
  2. Create a vision board of your dream life, you can cut out from magazines, print from the Internet etc. Look at your vision board before closing your eyes

   3.Watch motion pictures such as YouTube of people who are living your dream life just before you visualize so their images can be in your mind.

   4.  Figure out what is your modality, then focus more on the feeling rather than the actual picture.

   5. The point of visualization is to create something so vivid and real that your brain and nervous system cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is made up.

   6. The main thing is not necessarily the picture, but the feeling.

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