TOP 10 Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stay awake during meditation?

First, it's recommended you meditate sitting up.

If you're lying down (especially in your bed), you're very likely to doze off as your brain has already associated your bed to sleep.
If you still prefer meditating while lying down, you may want to consider using something like this spikes on the mat help you stay awake, while activating accupressure points, also causing relaxation and the release of endorphins.
Also, if you're listening to binaural beats while meditating, it may be best to avoid the deeper brainwaves like Theta/Delta initially as those are associated with sleep, resulting in just that. 
As you get more advanced with your practice, you will be able to stay conscious even when listening to those deeper brainwaves.
How can I access the Q and A calls
Here is the latest schedule of the Q and A: It is also under announcements on the facebook group.
Mondays 2:30 PM CET (Paris) / 8:30 AM EDT (New York)
Thursdays 8:00 PM CET (Paris) / 2:00 PM EDT (New York)
You can use to convert time zones.
A notice is posted on the facebook group 30 minutes before the session begins with the link I have given you above.
For any change in schedule etc. Please be sure to check the facebook group , but for now this is in operation.
Why are there 2 different websites to the course and which 1 should I be using?
Please note that even though there are two different hosting platforms they both host the exact same content and video’s. They were developed for your viewer experience and to suit your visual needs. Some students also may experience trouble accessing the video’s on 1 platform therefore they can now view it in the other.
However the 2 platforms are not interconnected so please choose 1 and try to stick to your preference.
Platform 2:
What can my success agent help me with?
As your success agent I can help you with any trouble you're experiencing in the course so feel free asking questions such as:

1.I don't know how to apply this tool . technique can you let me know if I'm doing it correctly.
2. Could you give me more advice and elaboration on this topic
3.How can I apply this in my life
4. Am I doing it right
5.Am I doing it wrong
6.Any problems you may experience dealing with the course
How and what do I post for my introduction on Facebook?
What :
We appreciate you making the effort and taking the actions we suggest.
Please write a little about yourself the reason you joined and what you're looking to achieve out of the program.
Alternatively you can post a video with the same points. Choose whichever suits you best.
1.Logon to your personal facebook account 
2.On the search bar type ''Peter Szabo's Inner Circle'' or alternatively you can click here:
3.Click on ''write something now'' and proceed to write your introduction or upload your video.
How can I access the Source Hacker App?
Currently we don't have an app for the program so please use the links provided on your welcome email to navigate to the platform.

The app's we do suggest and recommend in the program will be communicated to you as the video's progress in week 1. So please watch all videos in a systematic order.
How long do I need to spend on the program to start seeing results?
We recommend a minimum of 1 to 2 hours daily, however some information may be easier to comprehend than others and it also all depends on the person watching. In cases like these we highly recommend re- watching the video's and applying a student -like approach such as taking notes and leveraging the facebook group as much as you can, so other familiar Source Hacker's can assist. 

Results are also subjective, as this all depends on how much resistance you have in respect to your goal. The releasing of resistance will be dealt with in more detail in week 2 memory flipping.
I don't understand the elements on the Life map and Life sheet
Please refer to this pdf to help you better understand the elements on the life map and life sheet:
I really don't know what to do with my life, so I'm stuck on what to write on my Life Map?
-A great indicator when discovering your purpose is to look towards your likes and hobbies.

-What are your hobbies, what brightens your day and turns you on?
-What can you do for hours?
-If it's not evident now, look to your childhood. What games did you enjoy playing, what were the re-occurring themes in these games?
Our likes and hobbies are all linked to our greater life purpose, if you are still finding it difficult to figure out. Sit in a quiet place, place your hands over your heart and ask yourself gently 'What truly makes me happy?' Sometimes an answer may pop up immediately sometimes you may have to ask a few more times.
When will the weeks be unlocked?
The weeks will be unlocked in a 7 day drip. It is set up this way to allow you ample time to put into practice as much as you can everything you've learned in the previous and current week. It is set up this way because only with practice will you get the results you came for. Please refer to the welcome video for more information.

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