Keeping your vibration high

Here is a list of some activities you can do to keep your vibrations high:

  1. Exercise: Any form of exercise is good, the more you enjoy it the better. Try sticking to something you like such as dancing or swimming. Basically anything that releases endorphins, the ''feel good'' hormone for your body, is always good.
  2. Eat wholesome and healthy food: It is said that our gut is our second brain, so if you feed your body with junk you will feel as such. Indulgence once in a while is okay, but the more junk we eat the more we crave it. Start small and make easy substitutes. What we feed our body is directly linked to our mood.
  3. Meditation: We're so often consumed with our to-do lists and getting things done that sometimes it invokes emotions of anxiety and worry. The best way to clear the clutter in our head is meditation, it allows you to approach your tasks from a more peaceful and organized manner. It also decreases the result of mistakes substantially
  4. Spending time with people you love and with those who bring out the best in you. You become the average of the five people you hang around with. Proximity is power.
  5. Eliminate or limit synthetic dopamine activities: Especially smoking, drinking, porn, junk food. For more information, watch the video about dopamine in Week 1.
  6. Memory flipping: Clear your internal blocks. It makes following on steps above so much more natural and easier.

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